Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

I can’t believe how fast time is going this month — I thought we’d have way more work done on the house by now, but it feels like we are just getting started. These daily photos are good for helping me recognize the other important and good ways we spent our time this past week.

Sept. 21 – I’ve been working on getting our rooms and furniture mapped out on graph paper so that we can plan how our furniture will be used in the new house. Both of our mothers use this entirely anal process, and it is a ridiculous as it sounds. But it helps me a lot, since I have absolutely no concept of space when it comes to things like this. Hopefully this will save us time with the movers.

Sept. 22 – We celebrated the wedding of one of the hub’s good friends.

Sept. 23 – On our way home from the wedding, we stopped to see my sister and get some baby time, then continued on to my in-law’s house to borrow their larger car in the hopes that we can make an IKEA run in it and pick up some of the furniture we’ve been planning on.

Sept. 24 – Working on a very large to do list for the improvements we want to make in the house before we move in. These are just the projects that we are taking on ourselves. Having it mapped out is scary, but also make me feel that I have a handle on things. Better than the list hanging over my head without definition.

Sept. 25 – I was thrilled to hang out with my sister and Sammy while her husband took his first overnight business trip since the baby was born. There was some screaming, and he attempted to pee on me, but with sweet baby moments like these, who can remember that?

Sept. 26 – Before we finalized our paint colors, I wanted to see how it looked mapped out. I used our floor plan and found the colors’ hex codes to make a mock-up on the computer. One last look, but I think that nails our color choices down!

Sept. 27 – Re-staining our outdated bathroom vanity is the first project that I am going to tackle in the new house. If we like how it turns out in here, I’ll probably move on to the other two vanities. Prepping the area so that I don’t get stain where it shouldn’t be was an exercise in patience and contortion.

See, when you look at the pictures, it was obviously a week well spent, right? Lots of joy in there, so I refused to be stressed at the lengthy to-do list left for the house. So what if we don’t get everything altered before we move in? I’m sure we can handle it.


One thought on “Friday Photo Roundup

  1. All of this in only a week?! I’m feeling the anxiety for you!

    Buuuut, I cannot wait to see the house in person and all of your improvements! That “to-do” list is long but I’m sure you’ll get enough accomplished to feel like you can settle in. Also, Matt’s friends and Sammy just make me smile! Silly boys…

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