Oven Proof Bowls

In which I look ahead to fall and purchase oven proof bowls and get excited about three more types of homemade soup (#73).

I have been looking for oven proof bowls to serve soup since I started my list, without any luck. (Though that didn’t stop me from starting to make new types of soup!) Now that fall is on the horizon again, I’m very excited to tackle three more new soups, to remake the two I made last year, and to take these babies for a spin through the oven, fridge, and freezer.

With the help of a Corningware outlet and the sharp eyes of friends, I purchased four of these soup bowls with lid. They can be heated to serve soup or melt cheese on top of soup, then the lids can be added to save things for another night or freeze for another week. And they go in the dishwasher, so using our special dishes won’t create special dishwashing concerns.

With the handles, I think these have french onion soup written all over them. I’m also planning to find a tomato bisque recipe after having heavenly soup in a restaurant recently. And then I’ll just need one more type to complete my goal — any suggestions?


One thought on “Oven Proof Bowls

  1. Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar is delicious and posted on “the kitchens of…” But my roommate has been making lentil soup which looks creamy, cozy, and filling.

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