Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

As I mentioned yesterday, I am definitely looking forward to all the excitement and projects that our new house will bring. But it is also a source for stress and anxiety. I was very stressed during the mortgage process, and I am determined that I will not lose sight of the fun and exciting parts of getting everything set up and living our first few months in a house that we own and can personalize to our hearts’ content. I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to start taking pictures of daily life to keep myself grounded. I’m also looking forward to having the reminder of this time down the road — I might make a simple flip photo book with these if I think they turn out well.

I’m also planning to give myself a bit of leeway here. I’ll have a photo for every day, probably focusing on the house for now, but I’m not going to stress if I forget to take a photo ON that day. I’ll just take a representative one as I remember, and move on. The goal is, of course, less stress, not more.

So, in Katie W style, here is my first photo round-up.

Sept. 15 – We picked out a few new pieces of furniture earlier in the week, and had them delivered to the new house on Saturday. Now we have a place to sit and watch TV when we need a break, though the white chair will move upstairs when we move in.

Sept. 16 – I’ve been reading so many design and decor books and magazines, but I still couldn’t resist picking up the newest Domino when we were making one of our many trips to Lowe’s.

Sept. 17 – I prepped a double meal of lemon broccoli pasta on Monday so that we could easily microwave the leftovers at the new house on the first night we tackled a project over there.

Sept. 18 – Our first real project for the house was converting the toilet in the half bath downstairs to a dual flush in the hopes of saving water. It took longer than we thought, but it is mostly done now and we didn’t kill each other — success!

Sept. 19 -We purchased two low ottomans from Target and hoped they would soften our fireplace while providing a bit of extra seating if we have a bunch of people over at once. I’m really excited about how they worked out, and how surprisingly comfortable they are. One more layer for our living room decided!

Sept. 20 – I spent some time looking through fabric samples I’d ordered for our dining chairs. Hopefully two of these fabrics will work.


One thought on “Friday Photo Roundup

  1. I’m almost at a loss for words… I don’t know where to begin!

    Living room – Beautiful! Those ottomans are gorgeous!

    Matt – You convert that toilet! 🙂

    I am just so freaking thrilled for you! And I’m SO excited to see how things develop!

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