Welcome Home!

In which I reflect on all the 101-possibilities opened up by our new house purchase.

We are officially in a ton of debt, hooray! It’s been two weeks since we closed on our new house, and I am really enjoying getting started on all the plans and projects that I’ve had in my head for the past year or so.

Not least, the new place is going to give me a chance at a bunch of my 101, both for the first time and for re-completion. Here are some of the goals that I’ve got my eye on:

39. Find a place for everything we own
I have had this on both of my 101 lists, and I think it has never been more important than it is now. We’ve always had the easy out of thinking that things might fit into our next place… we are not going to have that safety net here, so I’m hoping that I can really hold myself to this goal. If it doesn’t have a purpose or a home, it doesn’t stay.

49. Decorate all rooms in our new place 
I did count this as completed for our current house, and I think that most of the decorating I’ve done here will transfer to the new rooms almost effortlessly. The main changes we’ll be making will be to the location of things on the walls and the bookshelves.

54. Empty all the moving boxes within three months of the move
For real, this time. We have so much stuff that should transfer directly from room to room, and so much time in the house before we are actually going to move in that I think there is no reason that we can’t get everything squared away and unpacked in that amount of time. Hopefully unpacking will help it feel like home rather than a pile of projects.

89. Do a crafty/handy project for our new home 
I counted this as completed for our current place with a crafty project, so I’ll be looking at a handy project for the new place — I have one in mind already, but I’m keeping mum until I see if it works out. Hopefully something that I’ll finish up before we move in, though, so it shouldn’t be long before I have some pictures to share.

92. Buy new full size bookshelves and organize them
We got two sets of full size bookshelves for our current house from the hubs’ parents. We believe that you can never have too many bookshelves (unlike our realtor, who we overheard telling her boyfriend that she didn’t want any books in their house). We have plans to buy three more sets and extend some that we already have for a gorgeous display. I think it is probably the room that we are most excited about in our new place. And, for a little while, anyway, our books will have room to grow!


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