Visiting my new nephew — Part 2!

In which I visit my newest nephew and re-complete a goal (#61).

I was so lucky to be able to meet my newest nephew during his first day. He is, as you can see, tiny and wonderful. And snuggly, and just overall the cutest little guy born recently.

My father, the hubs, and I traveled down to Kentucky over labor day weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. We got back late afternoon on Monday night, and visited my sister before the hubs and I headed home to work the next day. I returned to my sister’s house the next night and was greeted by the news of his arrival. My parents (dad in person, mom on the phone) were all smiles and excitement. My dad and I toasted the next generation with glasses of wine and made plans to see him the next day.

I spent the morning working and took some time off to visit with the new family. It was just amazing to be able to see him and hold him right away. My dad was over the moon. Only hours in, my sister and brother-in-law were already looking practiced holding him. I took a ton of pictures and grudgingly returned to normal life, only to return that weekend to see my mother meet her first grandchild.

I’m so thrilled that I could complete this goal more than once over the course of the 1001. Looking forward to one more niece/nephew before the list is done, so hopefully we’ll round it out with one per calendar year.


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