September (Half) Monthly Missions

In which I set new missions for the remaining two weeks of this month (#32).

Time is leaving me behind these days! Here is the status of my August missions:

1. Enjoy co-hosting my sister’s baby shower. — Complete!
I enjoyed it, and think that all involved thought it was successful. And I’m still super pleased with my diaper cake, which now decorates my new nephew’s nursery until he grows into size two diapers.

2. Be present at this month’s events. — Complete!
I am counting this one as complete primarily because I really tried to be. Last month was incredibly stressful, what with the house buying and all, and I needed to work at it. I did enjoy large chunks of the time, and I suspect that was just as good as it was going to get in those crazy weeks.

3. Blog twice a week. — Incomplete.
Just… no.

And now, for the abbreviated missions for late September, in which I intend to focus on grace:

1. Nail down paint colors for our house.
We have been putting up samples, and I think our choices are narrowing down enough that I should be able to nail down all the colors we’ll use in our house over the next couple of days over there. That will open up the way for the last of our furniture choices and allow us to make an accurate choice on whether we’re painting the place or having it painted for us.

2. Post about each of the goals that I’ve worked on or completed over my radio silence.
I have made a quick list of the goals that I’ve made progress on or completed, and it should be easy to write out those posts. Since I obviously am incapable of maintaining any blogging motivation right now through sheer number requirements.

3. Update our insurance inventory.
We’ve already made some additional furniture purchases for the new house which need to be accounted for on our inventory, and I’ll want to give it another critical look before we move everything again. We tackled it not too long ago, so the updates shouldn’t take too much time or energy.

I need to step it up on these monthly goals — I need to complete four more sets on time this calendar year to complete this goal.