Beach Brewing Company

In which I visit one of my top five goals in the area (#68).

A few weeks ago, the hubs headed out for a triple bachelor party. (I stayed home and made a diaper cake for my sister’s baby shower, among other crafts.) We decided that it was the perfect opportunity to hit up our local Beach Brewing Company and buy some growlers so that he could take a couple of types of beer to the festivities.

We enjoyed tasting four of the beers they had on tap, and I got a pint of my favorite. The hubs ended up with three growlers, so now we are all set for the future — just bring them back, and pay to have them filled. I’m sure we’ll be making good use of them in the coming months! We are planning to head back on a weekend soon and hoping to hang out and maybe catch one of the food trucks that they pair up with on weekends. Definitely a good one to have on my list.

One down, four to go!


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