August Missions

In which I take a deep breath and attempt some new missions for the remaining three weeks of this month (#32).

Oh, man. Things are moving really fast here, and the only weekend that we don’t have something to do has passed. Yikes. So I’ll be trying to slow down a bit with this month’s missions. But first, let’s revisit July, shall we?

1. Blog every day.

2. Cull and post Ireland photos to Flickr.

3. Start house hunting.
And, apparently, finish house hunting, as long as everything continues to progress towards closing. More on that once we are safely in possession of keys — don’t want to jinx it!

For this month, I need to take it a bit easy if I’m to have any chance of success. This month, I’m focusing all my energy on joy.

1. Enjoy co-hosting my sister’s baby shower.
I have been working on this one for a while, and the shower is fast approaching. I’m determined to throw an awesome shower, but I’m also determined to enjoy all the projects that lead up to it. I have a lot of work left to do, so I’m going to need to work a bit harder without letting stress creep in.

2. Be present at this month’s events.
I am attending a wedding, a fun weekend with friends, a baby shower, another fun weekend with friends, and ending the month/starting the next with a birthday party for my grandmother. I want to enjoy these events without rushing because I’ve been focusing on the millions of documents that our mortgage lender is requiring. I want to take pictures and put all other thoughts out of my head for a little while.

3. Blog twice a week.
A bit less ambitious than last month’s goal, but the intent is the same. I blog to keep myself focused on the progress I’m making over here on my 101. I’ve accomplished some small victories, and they tend to get lost in the shuffle. This month, I need to make an effort to focus on energies on those victories to keep what little momentum I’ve got going on these days.


One thought on “August Missions

  1. Baby shower hosting!!! Fun! Feel free to bring any project I can help with this weekend 🙂

    Be present – we will tackle this together! At least this weekend. I have already decided on not talking about work and how ridiculous things have been, no matter how tempting. And since I know all that Skip went through on the 2nd house, I won’t press unless you want to share 🙂 Besides, who knows if there will be time for talking when we’re fighting off the affections of three dogs…

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