Date Night on the Battleship

In which the hubs and I go out on a date night, reinvigorating my at least one date a month goal (#53).

A few weekends ago, the hubs and I had an entire date day. I got all my chores and errands done on Saturday so that we could spend Sunday morning at the beach. We had a late lunch and headed over to Norfolk to have drinks before going to a show that they held on the deck of the battleship Wisconsin.

The show mimicked a USO show from the 1940s, and was set on the deck of the Wisconsin. They set it up so that it was as if a radio show was broadcasting from the deck. They had singing and dancing and very cheesy jokes. It was a lot of fun, and seeing it on the ship really made it more fun than it would have been in a traditional theatre. Thank goodness it didn’t rain that night!

It was a wonderful day, and a very HERE thing to do. I am really warming up to our location this summer.

And we’ve got another set of dates planned for this month, celebrating the fact that four years ago today we got hitched. Five years and one month ago, we decided to get hitched. Even though so much has changed in that time, it seems like it was just a little bit ago. So I’m restarting this goal with a bang — here’s to five more consecutive months of planned dates!


One thought on “Date Night on the Battleship

  1. I want to go to there and do that! It sounds so fun!!! And a great excuse to get dolled up.

    I love that your new locale is opening up with possibilities!

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