Working on Working Out

In which I post my progress on the Wii Fit (#17).

I have been working hard on working out this summer. I completed three separate levels of the three-week cardio kick-start programs on my EA Sports Active 2, and am halfway through the nine-week program at the medium intensity (I skipped the easy version because I am a rebel).

And I think that it is really working. I didn’t have any problems on our big trip, and I can tell a difference in my muscles — I’m even losing a bit of weight!

So I’ve decided to combine the times from both this and the actual Wii Fit game for this goal. I’m getting much better results with the EA exercises, and I’m not going to hold myself to the letter of the goal, I’ll chase after the spirit. So far, I’ve completed 55 hours 45 minutes on the two combined. So I’m just over one third of the way there, with a little over a year left. I’m confident that I’ll be able to pull off that amount of time — 40 minutes four times a week adds up faster than you might think. And while I can’t say that I’ve actually begun to like the exercising routine, I have found a good schedule that helps me stick with it. Each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning before work, I run through the workout as hard as I can. And I get the weekends and Wednesdays to recover and work up more momentum, all without leaving the house.

What do you do to stay fit?


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