Writing Routine

In which I start my attempt to make better use of the hubs’ writing time (#28).

In the year and a half that we’ve been enjoying dual-income employment, I’ve been helping the hubs keep his novel a priority. After a day at work, he comes home and writes for an hour to an hour and a half. (I am more graceful about this some days than others, I’m sorry to admit.) It is important to me that he has time to do this, and obviously it is important to him.

That sound you hear is probably our future children out there in the ether somewhere, laughing hysterically at this luxury of time that we currently find a hardship.

Now I really need to step it up and make being creative or productive during that time and equal priority for myself, rather than watching mindless TV. I’ve been making a list of projects, but I need to find more that don’t require work on a computer — some days I just really don’t want to sit down in front of a computer, no matter how fun that work might be. So I’m going to step up my game and try to enjoy this time more.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Writing Routine

  1. I suggest making a Project Life scrapbook. It is easy, creative, and not in front of the computer. They are out of stock on Amazon right now but supposedly will be back soon.

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