Ireland Photos!

In which I post some photos from my trip out of the country (#63).

Just a month after we returned home from our big trip to Ireland, I’ve finally posted a selection of my photos over on Flickr. Interested? I’ve got them broken down into groupings based on the key divisions in my trip, all available in a big collection.

Looking back over the photos reminds my of how proud I was of our planning. I read several guidebooks, and we slowly narrowed down the list of places we wanted to visit to a final ambitious set. We didn’t run into anything too surprising on the practical side of things, even though we were touring on our own. I was a much more active participant in the planning than I was back when we went to Italy five years ago. To have it go so well is exhilarating even now.

And I’m thrilled to have the pictures from my big fancy new camera. It helped me focus on details and really see how beautiful things were. I used the skills I learned in my lesson a lot to help account for the bright sunlight and harsh shadows. Sure, I ended up with some photos that are a little blown out from shooting almost entirely in manual mode, but that is part of the challenge and fun. We’ll definitely be looking for a spot in our future homes for a collection of these pictures to live.