Seven Sisters

In which I present the first new constellation I learned (#85).

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I have learned the first of five new constellations: The Seven Sisters, or Pleiades. (The constellation is made of nine stars, since the parents of the seven sisters are also represented.)

Learning the myth behind this constellation reminded me of one of my favorite classes I took in college, Intro to Greek Mythology. The hubs and I took it together and really enjoyed it. Our professor was interesting and quirky — on the first day of class, he put up a slide with a picture of his cat, saying that the cat wanted to see the class so he could help grade our work. Unfortunately, that cat didn’t make it through the semester, so we got a repeat performance before finals with a photo of a new cat. The second cat was named after a Star Trek character, but I don’t remember the name of the first one.

It was a wonderful class — story time for college students. I could never keep the family trees straight, which was a shame, since family relationships often impacted the myths. The seven sisters, for example, are the daughters of Atlas. In one version of the myth, the sisters took their own lives when Atlas was punished by carrying the world on his shoulders. Zeus took pity on them and made them into stars to comfort their father. (No clue how the parents ended up in the sky with them.) Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough to stop the male Olympians from chasing after them — Orion pursues them through the sky. Dude never could keep his lust under wraps.

Don’t worry — he hasn’t caught up with them so far.


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  1. The cat didn’t make it! Arrow through the heart over here…

    I always look for the seven sisters in the sky, but I never knew the story. Very interesting… And I like how I started with Orion and you went for ladies he’s chansing. I feel shamed.

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