Conan Doyle

In which I post about the most recent non-fiction book I read (#87).

I have read most of the Sherlock Holmes canon, and seen many of the screen adaptions — Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey Jr, even the Rupert Everett flash in the pan. I enjoy the modernized take with Benedict Cumberbatch (video above) and am excited to start Season 2, currently available on PBS online. That noted, I don’t consider myself a big fan of Holmes, and I’ve read nothing else by Doyle, so I could hardly be said to be a big fan of his.

However, I am a fan of Michael Dirda, and of reading, and of books about reading. So I was happy to stumble across his memoir On Conan Doyle in the “New Books” sections of my local library’s stacks.

In the end, I had mixed feelings about it. I wasn’t familiar with the books that Dirda was praising, and his enthusiasm wasn’t always enough to carry me from page to page — or at least, not very rapidly. But I loved the sections where Dirda meets and is inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars, an exclusive society of Sherlockian scholars and enthusiasts.

I wonder what they think of the texting Sherlock reboot.