Miss Representation

In which I make my first non-patriotic donation (#50).

Part of my motivation through this 101 is to become more mindful and purposeful. Thanks to a coworker’s recommendation on this post, the hubs and I just got Miss Representation from Netflix. It was fascinating and terrifying. We’ve talked a lot about it, and I find myself thinking about it a week afterwards. I whole-heartedly second the recommendation.

This video includes the trailer for the movie, and a Tedx Talk that Jennifer Siebel Newsom gave. It is not comparable to watching the film, but I found the talk thought-provoking in its own right. I keep coming back to two main ideas, one from the talk and one from the film. We are all complicit in the media’s portrayal of hyper-gendered and sexualized content. But women have disproportionate power as consumers — a power that we, like fully-clothed, normal-body-weighted superheroes, can choose to use for good.

So I made the first of my donations to non-patriotic causes, using my power as a consumer to support this organization. I believe that small actions and educational outreach can make a difference. I believe that choosing what to watch with a critical thought process can make a difference in my life and the lives of my future children.

And I believe that this film can start interesting conversations and trains of thought, even if you don’t react passionately to the trailer.


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