Botanical Gardens

In which I post about my new membership (#69).

The hubs and I got out of the house this weekend and headed over to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. We really enjoyed being members of the botanical gardens back in Richmond, so I was excited to see our new surroundings. The two gardens are very different — NBG feels much more like a sprawling park. There’s a lot more water, not surprisingly, but there are also more wooded areas and grassy nooks. There were more flowers in Richmond, but I think we’ll do better hanging out and reading here. It was a nice day, but we were able to get away from people for long periods of our wandering.

I took lots of pictures, and we really enjoyed ourselves. We decided to take advantage of the membership on that day, since our admission would be subtracted from the purchase price. We got the family membership, which means that we’ll each have cards that will get a car with up to six people in for free. We also get discounts in the gift shop, which of course I am excited about.

We still have plenty left to see for the first time, too. The gift shop was closed by the time we left, and we only saw a portion of the gardens. They have picnic shelters that I’m sure we’ll make use of, and a cafe that we didn’t even see. I am excited to explore it and take visitors in. I’m sure there are favorite areas in there just waiting to be found.

I’m also excited about becoming members. We’ve had great success with memberships when trying to have a full life while keeping costs down. If we each go out to the gardens four times over the next year, the membership will be paid for in full. It’s the first thing we’ve committed to doing fairly regularly here, and I feel like I’m finally excited over something in this area besides the beach. This membership probably won’t lead to meeting many people, but it does provide discounts on classes and programs that might. It is a step, and every step counts.


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