The Third of Five

In which I report the extreme excitement of the third of five magazine purchases (#72).

I get really happy when I look around our home. I think that the hubs and I have a good thing going on — things are comfortable, generally pretty tidy nowadays, and our rooms are starting to feel complete. Sure, you have to ignore brick-and-board bookshelves here or a lack of headboard there, but all in all, things are filling in nicely. And best of all, I think that things around here are looking like us. The majority of stuff that we have in our house has a story. Some are sentimental (we have photos in our bedroom from the night we got engaged in Florence, our wedding, and our honeymoon), some are nostalgic (grouping of prints from the two places we’ve lived together), some reflect our interest (um, books), and some are just things that we fell in love with. Now, I don’t claim any particular skill in this area, you understand, just enjoyment. (Interested in seeing more from our home?  There’s pictures.)

So obviously it is getting to be time to move.

Thinking about buying a house is getting more real, and therefore, more terrifying. But I am whole-heartedly excited to get into our first place that we can customize a bit more. I’m excited to get in and implement the paint color palate that we’ve been thinking of, to figure out what goes where. I’m really excited to work on the small details of things that I feel like make a big difference. I want to upgrade our curtains to something more interesting and better quality. I want to create spaces that function as we function.

All of this means that I was super excited for the special edition of Domino to come out. Sure, they feature stuff that we will never be able to afford, and the rooms look a bit too styled for real life. But Quick Fixes are right up my alley. I loved the Domino Book of Decorating, and this magazine definitely got me excited about the inside and outside of our hypothetical future house purchase again.

As soon as it came out, I made a rush for Barnes and Noble, only to find that they didn’t have it. We don’t have other bookstores close by, and I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so I was afraid I would miss it. Luckily, the hubs wanted to get a hair cut, so I was grocery shopping on my own and happened to head down the magazine aisle. And there is was — $11 worth of excitement.

Totally worth it.