May Monthly Missions

In which I recap my monthly missions (#32) and prepare new challenges for May.

I’ve been very glad to have these monthly missions since I have been so busy and not really focusing on my 101 as much as I’d like. These small challenges help keep me in the right mindset for my list, whenever I have time to get back to blogging about it.

But I did not complete my monthly missions from last month:

Complete the write-ups for each of the goals from my last 101. Didn’t touch them, unfortunately.

Configure and use my external back-up hard drive. Nope, didn’t touch that either.

Cook a new, preferably healthy, meal each week, and blog about it. I have one more recipe to blog, but this one was a lot of fun. It helped me meal plan and added a bit of variety into our routine for the month. And I think they will all be things that we revisit.

And now, on to May:

1. Go to the tailor and get pants hemmed and two coats altered. 
I need to clear out some clutter, and I’m going to start with tackling the clothes that I have around that I like but cannot wear without alterations. I’ll get rid of a pile and gain some useful clothing.

2. Blog three times a week each week.
This is going to be a big challenge, but I have a lot of stuff that I haven’t blogged about. I’d like to get things cleared out, and myself back into a habit. Though I have to push myself to blog, I think that it has been really beneficial to me. It forces me to reflect and be present more, as well as being slightly creative. Both good things that I’ve been feeling a lack of recently!

3. Go through three years of my magazine stash to create a recipe index of things I’d like to try.
I have Real Simple magazines from 2008 on, which I keep because I use the recipes. I used to have a system for tracking the recipes I wanted to try without flipping through a ton of pages every time, but I’ve gotten away from it. I’d like to expand on it and keep it on the computer so that I can easily update and change it as we try things.


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  1. These sound like great May Missions and probably a bit of a challenge with your travel, but that’s a good thing! And as much as I HATE the tailor, it makes such a difference. All those useless clothes that you get to wear and feel brand new 🙂 I can’t wait to see all that you blog about! And maybe your recipe index will kick me into gear with mine 🙂

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