Birdlips at the Kennedy Center

In which I post about my excitement for a good friend who is doing good things.

Last Friday, the hubs and I took a day off and headed up to DC to celebrate my good friend Lindsay, whom I’ve known since high school. Back in the day, when my high school presented the musical Annie, Lindsay and I tap danced as a toothbrush (her) and toothpaste (me) — among other fantastic orphan numbers — for the show. No, I don’t have any pictures of it, but I assure you that it was spectacular. We stole the scene.  That’s just not a bond that breaks, no matter how many years go by or how much we change.

Lindsay and her boyfriend Cliff are a band called Birdlips. They’ve devoted themselves to their music and have been completely focused on it for years. They’ve recorded, toured, been featured on Charlottesville’s NPR station — and now, played the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center.

I was blown away. It had been a couple of years since I last heard them, and it is abundantly clear how much work they are putting into their new album. Because it is just the two of them, they’ve recorded some of the instrumentation in advance, but they are definitely a live band. I had so much fun watching them and seeing how they create all the dimensions of their sound live.

And you can see the performance! I highly recommend it. It’s about forty-five minutes of awesome music and fun. And if you’re interested in them, or buying some music, check out their website.

I took a ton of pictures of their performance. If you’re interested, check out a selected few here.