Let’s Go!

In which I record my modest progress on my solo game of Super Mario Bros Wii (#99).

First things first, I named this post “It’s me — Mario!” first. Exactly like I did last time. Apparently that little phrase really stuck with me. When I started my list, I was stuck at the castle in World 5. And now I’ve made my way all the way through World 6 — into the sky world of 7. I do not like sky worlds.

But here I am, waiting to embark on the penultimate world of Mario. I haven’t exactly been playing this often, but I’m still having fun with this goal. I’m really bad at this game, guys. It is nice to have a bit of a challenge in my leisure time, but I admit that I enjoy going back to the earlier, easier levels more than struggling through a level in which I’ve died so many times that it gives me the option to have Luigi come in and play for me. I have to do that a lot to get lives because I die.  A lot.

I’m really bad at this game, guys.


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