Spicy Basil Chicken

In which I post about my first new recipe this month as part of my monthly missions for April (#32).

I have been attempting to boost my healthy choices recently. That plays into this monthly mission in a lot of ways — I want to cook a new recipe each week to broaden my horizons and provide myself with a little bit of a challenge. I’m attempting to make meals on the healthier end of the spectrum because I am attempting to exercise and eat better, for Ireland and life after. I want to get back to blogging new recipes so that I can remember them, but also to push for that extra bit of creativity in my week.

Last week, I pulled our recipe from a recent issue of Cooking Light. It was tasty, but the smell from the fish sauce was a bit off-putting and lingered in the house. I made some adjustments to that original recipe when I posted it over on the food blog. I’m excited about making it again with the small changes.

We used to stir-fry a lot more than we have been lately. This spring, I’m bringing it back. I think this particular recipe is pretty versatile, since the veggies are separate and could easily be changed. Next time we make it, I think I’m going to chop the chicken into bits and serve it in lettuce cups. It would be nice and fun, and cut the starch of the rice.


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