Insurance Inventory Check

In which I remind myself and you about the importance of having an insurance inventory (#11).

Nothing like  jet crash nearby to get me off my rear and finally update our insurance inventory. Though it has been on my to do list for months, I finally pulled it up this weekend and updated it with over a year’s worth of purchases, including all of our new furniture and electronics.

I’ve also updated the photos I have capturing our rooms and a few of the larger purchases (TV, camera, lenses, etc.) in particular. We have our inventory in a simple excel doc. I store it and the photos our in the cloud so that if my computers are lost as well, we will still have access to it as soon as we have access to internet.

So, here’s the part where I encourage you to make a quick list of your possessions. It doesn’t take very long and it will help you in an emergency. And, if nothing else, it will help you verify that you have enough insurance. Because you never know what might happen!


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