Camera Tutorial – Complete!

In which I post about a camera lesson I purchased and loved (#79).

I’ve been trying to get ready for my big trip to Ireland (5 weeks!), and that includes reading various photography books to attempt to get a bit better with the semi- and full-manual settings on my camera. I was making no progress on it, so I took advantage of a coupon code and purchased a tutorial that I could work through at my own pace.

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This tutorial is pretty basic, but I found it helpful, since I didn’t understand any of it before. There are linked in videos with exercises for how to get the best results out of your camera in a variety of settings.  I just had to pause every once in a while to find certain settings on my camera, but that meant that the tutorial could focus on how and when to use the settings rather than wasting time on how to change them on the camera.

I think the very most helpful part was how to use non-ideal lenses to get the look that you want. I was always frustrated by not being about to get nice, blurry backgrounds when I was reading the books, but it turns out that my lenses just really don’t have high enough apertures for them. But this included tips on how to make the most of what you’ve got.

I used some Potato Heads as subjects while I was practicing, so now I have a ton of photos that don’t make much sense. But I am already much more comfortable than I was. I will probably still shoot some photos in the automatic modes while I’m in Ireland, since I want to get sure of good images, but I’ll also be taking some in manual as a challenge to myself.

I’d still like to take an actual class or photography lesson, but this tutorial was a great start. I highly recommend it.


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