April Monthly Missions

In which I recap my monthly missions (#32) and prepare new challenges for April.

I have completed my monthly missions for March! I finished selecting and editing photos from last 101 for photo book, and was pleased to find how many I either had access to my original photo or the opportunity to take a new one. I complete the three-week program on my EA Sports Active game on the Wii, and I survived! I have actually decided to do that program two more times at the next to intensity steps over the six weeks that we have left until we go to Ireland. After we get back, I might even venture into the nine-week program. While I didn’t read on the beach, I did head out for a picnic breakfast with my parents and the hubs. So I completed the spirit of the goal if not the letter, which works for me.

Now, turning to April. Once again, I’m going to be focusing on grace. I’ve got a bit of momentum, and I am really working hard to tie up some loose ends so that I’ll be free to focus on the big things coming up over the next couple of months.

1. Complete the write-ups for each of the goals from my last 101. 
I’ll be talking about each of my goals, even those that I never attempted. I’ll definitely need to have all the text and images ready to go if I’m going to create it in the program I’ve been planning on. It turns out that the text wraps from page to page, so I’m planning to work things from the beginning to the end in the hopes that the program won’t drive me crazy on the way to a finished product.

2. Configure and use my external back-up hard drive.
While I certainly haven’t dented the  organization my photos need, I want to get things set up on our external hard drive so that I can back up right away. I can always update the backup once I get things more under control. Working with my photos from my last 101 reminded me how upsetting it was when my computer crashed. I need to get things set up correctly this time and keep up with things.

3. Cook a new, preferably healthy, meal each week, and blog about it.
I am feeling like I need to nurture myself  a little more. And this goal has that in spades: I’ll challenge myself to make something new each week, which will require me to seek out a recipe and work out of my comfort zone for one night, I’ll aim for healthier meals which will complement the exercising I’m doing, and blogging about it will help me do something slightly creative each week. Win-win-win!