Adventures in Moroccan Chicken Soup

In which I recount a food adventure (#80) with a risky new soup recipe full of ingredients I don’t generally like (#73).

I have really been enjoying cooking again. For a long while there (let’s call it the dark age, shall we?), the hubs and I made the easiest meals possible and ate them in front of the TV. This winter was a low time, but it is spring, and I am getting my act in order.

Spring means grilling out and fresh produce, but it also means gray and rainy days. Next time we have the latter, I suggest having this soup for dinner. It is surprisingly filling and complex, and the recipe comes from Cooking Light, so it has to be better than that box of mac and cheese you might otherwise be eyeing.

I thought that the recipe was intriguing, but it was really a stretch for me. I don’t like butternut squash, and I really don’t like zucchini. This soup has both, and little else. After work, I got to chopping everything up, which took at least a half hour, even using the chunks of pre-peeled butternut squash from Trader Joes, which I highly recommend. Then I turned my attention to the chicken thighs, and found that we’d accidentally bought the skin-on and bone-in versions. I proceeded to clean those up for the next hour or so. (NOT worth it.)

At that point, I was still not flustered, but I also wasn’t impressed. I told the hubs that the soup needed to be damn good for me to make it again — I’d been working for an hour and a half, and I hadn’t even turned on the stove.

But, friends, it was DAMN good. Next time we’ll skip the chicken thighs all together and go for nice, boneless, skinless chicken breasts. We might lose a smidge of flavor, but there just isn’t enough chicken in the soup for me to mess with that again. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change anything.

This is the first of five new soup recipes I’m going to attempt. Definitely a keeper — it was tasty, filling, and provided a way to eat veggies I would otherwise not buy. And it makes a lot, so it would be easy to cook up for company (though I’d do the cutting prep ahead of time.) Check it out here, and make it some time!


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  1. Rachel Ray is all about the chicken thighs… I think you get more meat if you buy the skinless, boneless, but who knows! This looks intriguing. I need to get back into the cooking mode to try it 🙂

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