Seasonal Wreaths

In which I multi-task and post a photo for a contest, while talking about a small outlet for creativity.

I entered the Epiphanie Camera Bags Picture It photo contest.

For the past couple of months, I have been making seasonal wreaths for our front door. So far, I have one wreath form that serves for October and November with a switch of some ribbons, another non-changeable wreath for the holiday season, and this wreath form that has served me for January, February, and March. I’ve been trying to keep the storage reasonable on them, plus I like the idea of switching things out each month. I think it will be a nice creative exercise even if I am just recreating from the last year. I’ve got the ribbon from the wreaths I’ve disassembled in a box, so I can pull it out next year and pin things down again. Here they all are in their door-hanging glory. (The white one stayed up for both January and February — this blog is not the only thing that’s been going a bit neglected around here these past couple of months.)

I really like having something that changes around the house, even though I don’t see it much on the outside of our front door. But even more than that, I enjoy the push to take some time out to make something. I’m pretty proud of my gift bow wreath. It showed up so well on our blue door, and was pretty fun to make. Glad that one is waiting in the attic, though — definitely too much work to redo each year. My second favorite is the green argyle that I’m rocking for March — this one was a lot of braiding gold yarn during endless conference calls, but should be easy to recreate next year when all I have to do is pin things on.

Do you have any small creative escapes?


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  1. I really love this! I used to think the seasonal flags were cool, but they are too tacky for my taste now. I think this is a really sophisticated and lovely way to change things up and be creative 🙂

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