March Monthly Missions

In which I return to my monthly missions (#32) and prepare new challenges for March.

First up, let me recap my missions for February. Truth be told, I couldn’t even remember what these missions were. (1. Eat more dinners at our dinner table. 2. Take and send photos for a house tour for my grandparents. 3. Go out for drinks twice.) So you can probably guess that I didn’t complete any of my missions last month. Even with the Leap Day to give me an extra chance, I was 0 for 3.

I have much higher hopes for March, though. I know that I’ll be busy with long work days and lots of weekend chores and travel. But every day that has nicer weather makes me a bit more motivated to get myself in gear. This month, I’m putting my focus on grace.

1. Finish selecting and editing photos from last 101 for photo book.
The free photo editing site that I’ve been relying on  is going away mid-April, and I’m very bummed. But it might just be the kick in the pants that I need to revisit my first 101 in 1001 project and get things squared away for my photo book. I lost a lot of those original pictures with my old computer, so I’ll be searching through the photos I have and recreating some. I intend to cover all of the goals,but will only include photos for the goals I attempted or completed. I’d love to have this book completed before my big vacation claims all my creative energy.

2. Complete the three-week program on my EA Sports Active game on the Wii.
If I’m not going to give up nightly cocktails — never! or, at least, not until a baby-parasite forces me to! — I need to make more of an effort to exercise and eat more responsibly. I need to do it either way, but putting it in terms of keeping my cocktail hour makes it a little more palatable. This game focuses on cardio. The three-week program is supposed to ease me in, and then I can turn my attention to one of the nine-week sequences. I’d like to do a bit of yoga along with it, but this goal is going to be a big stretch for me without including the yoga specifically.

3. Read on the beach.
If I have the warmer weather to thank for feeling motivated, I should get out in it and cultivate more motivation. This seems like the perfect weather to grab our blanket and get out onto the beach for a little bit of fresh air, daylight, and reading. Now, if only it would stay warm — they are saying there’s a chance we’ll have snow at the beginning of next week.


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