Lovin’ … It’s what I got.

In which I answer a challenge from Katie W.

You know, life’s a bitch. And sometimes it turns me into one too. But I have great friends who keep me challenged and in touch with deeper meanings in life. I owe them a lot. Right now, I owe them a love fest.

Things have been difficult in these parts for us three who embarked on this 101 adventure. We’ve got job uncertainty, job stress, job exhaustion. We’ve got envy, anxiety over the dreaded life “timeline,” discontent. We’ve got crabbiness, depression, and the blahs. But we’ve also got each other. And perhaps we just need to see each other through a friend’s words instead of seeing ourselves in our jobs, clothes that don’t fit, and our worries.

Cooking together a few weekends ago.

If you aren’t Katie or Becky, you might not care so much about the rest of this post. But keep on reading if you want to know why I depend on these girls so much.

I have known Becky since the middle of fourth grade, though I would point to a series of later events as the key points in jump starting our friendship. It’s a scary thing to keep around someone who knew me back then. I depend on our friendship because I cannot make excuses. She gently calls me on my false logic and calmly points out how much I have going for me — but she only does it after letting me vent or feel sorry for myself for a bit. She challenges me to change the parts of my life and my days that I don’t like, or to focus on the things I do. I admire her so much because she is brave. She has tried more in her life and will walk away from a choice when it is no longer a good fit. She is caring, kind, and a lot of fun. She makes the best out of situations better than anyone I know. She is incredibly smart and has taken her job by storm in the time that she’s been there. She isn’t afraid to face her doubts or admit that she has made mistakes. While she was always awesome, I love grown-up Becky. I can’t wait to see what is next in her life, and I’m thrilled that I’m going to get to be a part of it. I depend on her honesty, understanding, and our common interests — past and present.

On the other hand, I met Katie in college and we became good friends after we graduated and were technically “adults.” Of course, in the years since then, we’ve both changed a lot and grown up — and closer. I have so much fun with her, and feel like she takes equal joy in my achievements, even those as simple as finding a new decoration. She helps me accept the good along with the bad, but doesn’t dismiss me when I dwell a little longer on the latter. I am in awe of her spirit. She made one of the hardest decisions I ever witnessed, and came out on the other side of the ordeal stronger and more determined. She continued to make hard choices for her own good, and is getting more practiced in putting herself ahead of other concerns — not an easy task for someone so inclined to raise other people up. I think she is smart and funny and she makes her friends feel like they are too. She is working toward a new balance in her life, and I am proud that she considers me a friend to share that with.  I depend on her kindness, sarcasm, and example. Not to mention how much fun we can have just sitting around talking.


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  1. Thank you! I always wonder if someone notices certain things and to know that you do means more than you know. I know that I would not have made it through that hard decision without you and our “lunches”. I miss those so much more than you can imagine…

    But I’m flattered and I want this tattooed on my body so I never forget! Too much?

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