Monthly Missions

In which I wrap up my old and introduce my new monthly missions (#32).

I completed my monthly missions for January! Off to a good start for completing this goal in 2012. I will continue to test winter cocktails, so they might appear from time to time, but I really love the Ginger Whiskey Sour. It is going to be hard to pull ahead of that one. I did a lot of work on our finances, but I still have some to go. And the pile of things we have to donate now is so exciting that I’ll be taking a very critical eye to the rest of my stuff between now and our eventual move.

After taking a nice break after the posting every day last month for my challenge, I’m finally back with my missions for this month. I’ll be focusing on joy.

1. Eat more dinners at our dinner table.
We always used to eat dinner at the table. But since we moved over a year ago, we’ve really degenerated more and more into eating in front of the TV. Sometimes that  works, and sometimes I feel that it is necessary to do more than one thing at once. But I have been really happy the past few times we’ve actually eaten at the table. We can make meals a bit more elaborate, and it’s certainly better for our furniture.

2. Take and send photos for a house tour for my grandparents.
I got distracted with the holidays, but I want to finish up sending my grandparents photos of our townhouse before we move out of it. Plus, the more I practice with my camera, the more comfortable I’ll feel. (At least, I hope so.)

3. Go out for drinks twice.
Such a simple thing, but it makes me feel good. And it is cheaper than going out for dinner!