To Donate – Week 4

In which I identify the items I’ve chosen to donate this week as one of my monthly missions (#32).

1 – outsized earmuffs that I bought this month and should have returned but didn’t, along with stretch gloves that I don’t wear

2 – sunglasses I haven’t worn in years

3 – shoes that the lovely Katie W. gave me, but I’ve never worn and aren’t really my style (but she had double, so I don’t feel entirely guilty)

4 – tights that are too long and too bright for my taste, but would be lovely on someone else

5 – Harry Potter glasses that were awesome, but now are clutter

6 – jewelry that I won’t wear

As you can see, that’s only six things I’ve identified to donate. The seventh deserves more explanation, because it was one that I wrestled with. I’m happy with my choice, but that guilty feeling still threatens. This is my seventh item for this week:

The best friend gave me this angel as a reminder of an inside joke about how important we are to each other. I’ve had her for years, and I still like what she represents to me. But angels obviously convey a certain religious feeling to the rest of the world, so I haven’t displayed her in a long time. I’ve decided that I no longer need the reminder of the inside joke or our friendship, but I couldn’t bring myself to just donate her because of how much I have enjoyed it. So I’m going to give this to my sister, who started collecting this type of nativity scene this year. I think the angel will fit in and be more appreciated there.

I have a few more days to identify things to give away. The hubs has also been choosing some items to let go, though not on a daily basis. All in all, we have a substantial pile that will be leaving our home soon. It feels good to look at my stuff a bit more critically. I’ll be casting a hard eye around for the last few days of the month to see what I can find. Back for a glimpse of the whole stash in a few days!


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