Camera Excitement

In which the excitement over my big fancy camera and lenses continues (#78).

By now you’ve probably figured out that I like to research things that are happening in my life. I’ve made it a habit to look at home style and renovation blogs and magazines so that I’m prepared when we start looking to buy a house, I’ve read through two of the books I checked out for our trip to Ireland, and I’m at it again. I’ve been reading photographer blogs since I got engaged, though I’ve moved away form most of the wedding photography ones at this point. Then I started reading the blogs that gave training or tips on photography. And now I’m making my way through a stack of books I checked out from the library to help familiarize myself with my new fancy camera.

I’ve been using it a lot, but always on one of the various automatic settings. Time to learn how to do something with a little bit more skill, and hopefully more style. Especially now that my secret weapon for fixing the exposure or white balance on my learning photos is biting the dust. That’s right, Picnik is closing mid-April. While I’m excited that I’ll get to access all the features for free until that time, I’ll really miss it when it is gone. I use it all the time to make my photos a bit clearer, more like what I saw in my head. And to make the collages that I use on this blog, though I am not so worried about losing that capability.

I guess I need to pull out some wedding photos and engagement pictures and edit them while I still can!


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