Branching Out — Maybe

In which I update a goal from my last list, where I focused on refining my style. In preparation for my trip to Ireland (#63), I’ve been ordering some new clothes.

I have been trying to take advantage of the end of season sales to order some clothes in preparation for our trip to Ireland, when we expect temperatures to range from 45° to 60°. Add in the expected rain, and I think I’m likely to be a bit chilly. So I’ve ordered some new sweaters, which I could use anyway, a few hats, some new earmuffs, and several pairs of boots for the wet days.

You know what that means… I actually have to wear skinny jeans, a look that I just don’t agree with for myself. But, as the hubs pointed out, at least I’ll be wearing a coat. That should make it a little more flattering.

At any rate, these are the boots that are currently in the running:

They are fleece lined the whole way, and I think they are passably cute. (I also bought a few pairs of Hunter rain boots, which I promptly decided I didn’t like at all.) But the upper part is very narrow — I think we’ve established by now that I don’t have large muscles anywhere, and my legs are no exception. But I have a hard time getting these over my legs. Because of that, there is a strange issue going on at the back of my ankle that I’m afraid will render these not comfortable enough for hours of walking. I’m hoping that it isn’t a problem, since these feel nice and warm.

So, anyone have other suggestions? I’m going to be wearing these around the house tomorrow to see how they feel, but I’m not sure that is enough of a test.


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