Passport Update

As I get ready to travel to another country again with the hubs (#63), I need to get a passport with my semi-new last name (#25).

I’ve got my paperwork all filled out, my photo taken, and I am ready to send in my old passport to get my new one with my married name.  I just need to buy a padded envelope and write the surprisingly hefty check, and I will be in business. The hubs is also sending his in to get it renewed, since it expires a few months after our trip.

Just one more step towards our trip to Ireland. I feel like I’ve been taking lots of small steps since we booked our tickets and it became real. I’ve been reading guidebooks and checking end-of-season sales for some warm, packable sweaters and stylish rain boots. I have put books on hold at the library to help me learn more about my camera so that I can take some excellent photos while we are travelling. We still don’t know what we’ll see, but we’re starting to get a list to choose from.

Even though the trip is four months away, I think it has improved how I’m dealing with work. It has been busy lately, but now I can look forward to a definite time that I will not be dealing with work or my coworkers. It’s far enough away that I think I’ll get a lot of benefit from the  anticipation and not be so burned out when it does come time to get away. That’s what I’m hoping, at least. And we’re travelling to the land of luck, so I’ve got that going for me.


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