Squash it Up!

In which I post the first of three things I’ve eaten that I hadn’t tried before (#83).

This week, I cooked spaghetti squash. I don’t like squash, but the internet is full of tales of people fooling children into thinking it was regular spaghetti. Apparently, the world is full of idiots. I did not come close to forgetting that I was not eating pasta. It was a very mild flavor, but still… not pasta.

We cut a squash in half (across the middle, not down the stem lengthwise — the ribbons grown around the squash, not up and down) and put it into a baking dish with a half inch of water. I covered it with foil and baked for about 45 minutes, flipping the halves halfway through. I don’t think the squash was cooked quite enough, so I’m sure you can find better places for cooking temperature and time. (I know lots of people recommended the microwave, which I’d try next time.)

I loosened the strands of squash with a fork. Guys, this is WEIRD. Why in the world would something evolve like that? Besides making low carb diets a bit more familiar, of course.

We attempted it two ways on the same night. My favorite was dressing the squash with some olive oil, seasoning, and feta cheese. For the second, I just topped with some store-bought sauce and more feta cheese, because that was really tasty. The combination fell a little flat, though.

This was… interesting. I’m not excited about it, but I will try it again. Maybe with a bit of practice, I’ll hit on something perfect.


One thought on “Squash it Up!

  1. I absolutely feel like some weird scientist recently created this in his basement because I’m 27 and I just heard about this stuff a year ago!

    But if you can find a tasty way to eat it, I think that’s awesome! I’m all for something “healthy” that at least seems familiar. Like roasted cauliflower… Tastes like french fries? SIGN ME UP!

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