Looking Forward — Saving Grace

In which I reflect on my money management plan (#23) and what it allows me to do (#63).

This month I’ve revisited how we are spending and saving our money. Some of the bills are running a bit higher, now that we have a whole year to average, and our rent has changed with our lease renewal. Both of our paychecks will change right at the end of the month, but I’ve already prepped for the increased income, which we’ll be pouring into savings of various sorts. I’ve figured out the destinations for that new money, I just need to get the net paycheck number to find out the net amount that will go into each pot.

I’ve also updated our valuable personal property insurance to reflect my new camera and two lenses. Isn’t insurance amazing? I have over a thousand dollars worth of camera and accessories (replacement cost, not how much I paid), and it will cost me one dollar more per quarter to insurance them against loss, damage, or theft. One tiny little dollar.

So, in stark contrast to last week, I’m feeling pretty good about things. Being money conscious is hard. Even when I have big ticket items to look forward to (camera, house), it is hard to deny myself small things. Somehow, I find myself denouncing and longing for other people’s spending habits in the same breath. But it felt good to buy my camera and have enough money to purchase the fancy bag and tripod right away.

And we feel like we should be in good shape when we try to get pre-approved for a mortgage at the end of the summer.

But before we get there, we are going here:

We have booked our flights to visit Ireland in the spring! We have no plans yet beyond the flights, but I don’t think I could be more excited. After a few years of very modest vacations, I am ready to reap those savings benefits and live it up.

Of course, I am nervous at the thought of a trip which dwarfs my large camera purchase, to be quickly followed by buying a house and taking out a loan of so much money that my mind refuses to compute. But I’ve looked at the numbers — over and over, as the frequency of this topic on the blog might imply — and we are in a solid place. It is surreal to be planning all of this for one year, but it is also surprisingly comfortable. I’ll probably let worry get the best of me at some point as we move forward with these large expenditures — I do worry so well.

But I’m practicing being confident in the opportunities I fund for myself, and it is growing on me.

I think it looks a lot better on me than worrying and falsely comparing my choices to other people’s. I’ve identified one of my personal habits that is hindering me in my pursuit of grace and joy. If joy can be found by going at your own pace, I think grace lies in remaining unfazed by what happens during the time it takes to save.


2 thoughts on “Looking Forward — Saving Grace

  1. This is so incredibly exciting and yet, my heart skipped a beat. Like you sometimes feel, I am jealous and awe-struck and even nervous, but SO excited for you.

    I think you have worked extremely hard to get where you are and you deserve a trip of a lifetime! And I know that when it comes to the house-buying, you will be in a better position than so many people who are currently doing it. So embrace it! Take that camera to Ireland and let me live vicariously through you. Or… Take me along, as your companion 😉

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