To Donate – Week Two

In which I identify the items I’ve chosen to donate this week as one of my monthly missions (#32).

Once again, I have a few groupings of items that I found all in one place. So here’s what I decided to donate this week:

1 – Dry erase and bulletin board

2 – World of Shannara book, as I got an updated copy for Christmas

3 – Kitchen items, including a garlic press, garlic grater, and zester, which are passed over in favor of our microplane, an Asian grater that has been replaced by an actual spaetzle maker, and a wire scoop that was purchased as a placeholder for a frying scoop

4 – Mastermind, which we owned along with Advanced Mastermind

5 – Cinderella robe, which was a gift that I enjoyed but didn’t really use, and themed socks

6 – Tennis shoes originally from Target that don’t provide enough support and so are in great condition

7 – Christmas ornament and decorations for cards that I’ve never used

The last one was hard, and I was actually just regretting it as I typed it out. That’s the trap around here — those are cute, in perfectly good shape, and could come in handy. They don’t take up much space, and maybe I’ll want them someday… But I’m staying strong. I’ve had them for years, and I’ve never pulled them out. They are perfectly good, and might be useful, so let them be useful for another person.

When in doubt, get it out (of your house).

My small items are starting to make a noticeable pile in the corner of our living room. I’ll take a picture at the end of the month to see how much clutter I actually got out of the way this month.


One thought on “To Donate – Week Two

  1. I’m totally taking this challenge in March!

    PS – Did you change the colors on your blog? If not, let’s pretend this isn’t the first I’m noticing them. It’s lovely! Very you 🙂

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