A Case of the Somedays

In which I revisit my goal to decorate all the rooms in our place (#49).

Lately, both the hubs and I have been suffering from a big case of the Mondays. (One which lasts through the week.) This week was very eventful for many of our friends and family, which left me with a complimentary case of the Somedays.

It’s not that I’m not happy for all the good that people have going on. It’s not even that I want those specific things in my life right now. It’s just that I feel like I’m looking forward too much right now. To a trip that we haven’t even begun planning. To a house that we aren’t yet hunting for. To a baby that we aren’t looking to conceive.

And so, I decided to look around here instead, for things that I could spruce up right now. After all, I spend most of my time at home, and it has been reflecting my slump.

So I tackled the long neglected area on top of and above the hubs’ dresser. We had stashed a bunch of oddly-sized book between the bookends months ago as a temporary fix. But they weren’t the type of books that stand up, so they kept sliding the bookends off the dresser and crashing to the floor. Not fun under any circumstances, but especially not good when they were a wedding present from my in-laws. I cut a bit of cork to go under each one to discourage sliding around, and replaced the problematic books with our pretty copies of our favorite trilogies. We’d been needing a new place to display them since they were bumped for our Icarus print. Then I pulled this stuffed Wombat from the corner of our bedroom floor, and grouped it with the hubs’ Australian hat and boomerang. (We put those up at lunch today, after a quick trip to Lowe’s to purchase a door stop to use as a peg.)

But I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to treat myself too. After a holiday season fighting with falling and tangled spools of ribbon, I reworked some wire hangers from the dry cleaners so that I could thread the spools on and hang them out of my way. Now I hope to find what I need easily, and use up the ribbon I have before purchasing more.

These small updates aren’t going to alleviate all of my forward-looking tendencies. But looking ahead is exciting — I just need to make sure that I’m balancing it with some looking around at the good things in the present too. I’m excited to buy a house and have new spaces to decorate and organize. I’m just working on remembering that there are also plenty of spaces around here that could use my energy.


One thought on “A Case of the Somedays

  1. I like Matt’s dresser arrangment! I think it’s fun when like-themed objects are put together. It’s like a safari room with less animal skins and death.

    And you’re so clever. I never would have thought to do that with ribbon but it’s a great idea. I don’t currently have a ribbon problem but if I do…

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