Book Log

In which I introduce my book log (#82).

I have been keeping a book log since the beginning of my first list 2008, making this the fifth year that I’ve written in it. If I can complete 2012, I’ll finish this goal of maintaining a listing of all the books I’ve read for five years. In order to keep me current, I only keep track of the titles and authors, not recording any other information or reaction to the books. And last year, I slacked on that a little bit, so I’m not confident that I actually recorded every single book.

But I wrote down what I remembered, leaving out an awful lot of the dates. Because when it comes right down to it, I’m not setting these goals so that I can beat myself up about it if I fall a bit short of them. For me, the process of the 101 is as much about getting into the habit of challenging myself as it is to complete these specific items. So I’m continuing to record in my book log. It might not be an entirely accurate picture of my reading and more frequent rereading, but a slightly blurry picture is not without merit.

What goals are you pursuing? Anyone else who has “messed up” and kept on going?


One thought on “Book Log

  1. You inspired me to start my own book log, but I don’t keep dates and I use a star-rating system. Sometimes I forget to jot them down and then I have an hour of retracing my read footsteps. But I know I’m reading more, and I like to look back and all I’ve read.

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