Movie Date

In which I briefly post about my most recent date with the hubs (#53), in part spent at the movies (#59).

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The hubs and I were lucky enough to have the lovely Katie W. join us for our joint friend’s baby shower and stay through New Year’s. And she headed home as planned in part to give us a day to hang out with just the two of us. We’d been planning on taking some Christmas decorations down and hanging out around the house, but we were inspired to make a date day of it instead.

We headed out to a fancy mall to see what was there, had a leisurely lunch at a mediocre restaurant, and headed to an old movie theatre to see The Descendents. It was an interesting movie, though pretty sad.

I’m glad that we got out of the house for the day.  I’ve been feeling like we’ve been going non-stop and having trouble fitting things in, while simultaneously feeling like we are attempting and accomplishing nothing important. It was good to take a break from all that and just hang out for a little while.


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