To Donate – Week One

In which I identify the items I’ve chosen to donate this week as one of my monthly missions (#32).

I identified eight items to donate this week. When I came across items that were of a similar type, I counted it only once. I still came out one item ahead of schedule this week. I’m trying to really go by the spirit of the goal, rather than the letter, so I included all of them in this post. These small items may not make much of a difference, but I’m hoping that a month of this will dent my clutter problems.

1- Koosh ball (fun, but has been untouched for years)

2- Shirt I’ve never worn

3- Plastic and cardboard frame

4- Shoes that pinch

5- Piles of fancy underthings that don’t fit and are hardly worn

6- Magic 8 ball (I asked it if I should donate it, and even the 8 ball said yes)

7- Purse that hasn’t been used in years

8- Sleep mask we bought in a pinch that is too thin to block out light


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