Fancy Underthings

In which I dance around showing you the fancy sets of underthings I purchased late last month (#52).

So much of life is practical and mundane. I figured if I was trying to improve my style on a daily basis, there are some days when I need an extra kick. I wanted to find a few pretty sets of underthings that would help me to start things off feeling a little special, but would also be comfortable enough and discrete enough to wear normally.

I took the plunge with a 35% off your entire purchase coupon from Bare Necessities (now offering free shipping on all orders, if anyone is interested) and ended up purchasing all three sets at once. Two were sets that I created, replacing the underpants with some that had more coverage in the name of comfort. They aren’t perfect, but close enough to fit the bill.

I think this is a treat that I would normally forgo, because these things add up fast. I’ve enjoyed having them so far, and I think that it can help me start off the day feeling a bit more positive about things. And that is well worth it.


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