Some Changes ‘Round Here

In which I highlight some work that I’ve done to the blog over the past couple of days.

Notice anything different about me? I’ve reorganized the right sidebar a little bit, and created two new pages for my site.

If you’re looking for the blogroll to check out other great stuff on the internets, it is now a separate page right at the top of my blog.

I am most excited about the changes I made to my sidebar.

First up, my extras. You can get to them from the top of the blog, but it is easier to click on the graphics to the right in my sidebar.

These extras are the side projects that my 101 goals lead me into. I’m back to blogging my meal plans, which I have been creating fairly regularly, but not posting up here. I’ve updated the monthly mission page with a roundup of my 2011 monthly missions and my new January missions.

But the real change falls in my creation of a new page dedicated to the blog challenges that I participate in with the best friend and the lovely Katie W.  I’ve linked up our posts on each of the challenges so far, and had a blast reading over them to select an illustrative quote from each of our posts.

These extra bits are what make my 101 in 1001 project so interesting. By choosing 101 specific and small goals, I lead myself in directions that I couldn’t have predicted. These extras don’t all directly help me complete on of my 101, but they all are getting me closer to the life that I desire.

In addition, I’ve added links to a few more places to find me in the sidebar. You can check out my photos on Flickr to see how I’m making use of my new, fancy camera. Or, you can check out my boards on pinterest to see what’s catching my eye.

These changes aren’t groundbreaking, but they were fun, and I’m feeling excited about blogging more over the next couple of weeks.

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