January Monthly Missions

In which I recreate my original post about my old and new monthly missions (#32).

First off, I’d like to start with a disclaimer. I wrote this post and scheduled it for January 2nd. There was a small glitch right away, where it showed up in Google reader for the lovely Katie W., and then it apparently ate itself. Of course it happened directly after I wrote that I intended to post every day… But I have a witness, so I’m still counting this project as successful thus far. Now, back to your regularly scheduled (or should have been) post.  sigh.

I really enjoyed working on my missions this past month, especially the crafting time. It was nice to schedule some time to be more creative. I should do that more often. I still have a long way to go on organizing my photos, but every baby step counts. Though we never baked up goodies this month, we had a fire and fancy hot chocolate several times. I completed my monthly missions for December, bringing my total for 2011 to four months out of 12 completed on time. That’s just two months short of meeting my six months out of one calendar year goal.

Setting monthly missions on top of an entire 101 list has been interesting. I feel like it allows me some flexibility to bend my list to my current interests. Though I wish that I’d completed more of my months on time, overall I completed 23 of 36 goals — 64%. It really isn’t a bad start. I think that, in terms of my 101, the important thing is that I’ve been constantly working toward something, setting and refining smaller goals that will help me get to my larger ones.

Which brings me to my monthly missions for January, which I’m focusing on grace.

1. Each day, find one item to donate.
I am lucky enough to have lots of stuff. But I know that I actually have too much stuff, and I am going to find one item each day to donate. Reducing clutter can only help me reduce stress and maintain my home at a higher level of organization and cleanliness.

2. Give trial runs to new cocktails in the search for a favorite winter drink.
I love the ritual of making a nightly pre-dinner cocktail, even if it isn’t the healthiest habit in the world. The hubs and I chat for a few minutes and help each other switch from work to home mode. And while we have lots of great options in the summer, I’m starting to see the reasoning behind the old practice of having a favorite drink for each season. I’ll be looking for something that I can sip, rather than tall glasses full of ice and tonic. Probably something a little stronger to cultivate that false warming sensation, and something that just fits with the colder weather.

3. Do a check of our finances, insurance, and credit.
It’s a great time of year to check in on things. Both the hubs and I will have our salaries change by the end of the month, so I’ll need to revisit our savings allocations to make sure that we’re putting the money to the best use. We need to update our insurance with some new purchases and gifts, and we’ll need to reflect those items in our insurance inventory as well. And, finally, we’re long overdue to check the second of our three annual credit reports in preparation for house buying time. After a bit of time spent on these chores, I can go back to comfortably ignoring our money, knowing that it is rolling along without us.

Want to check in on my previous monthly missions? Just click on the graphic above, or you can always find the matching graphic in the right sidebar.


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  1. I was wondering what happened to this post since I was all ready to comment. I have to maintain my top 3/5 status! Anywho,I am a witness and I like your monthly missions. I am also very interested to see what makes it into the donate pile.

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