Meal Plan

In which I finally post our meal planning, in the hopes of wasting less food (#4).

I know that I’ve talked about this before, but I find that meal planning allows me to use food more efficiently and helps me save money on ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. I have actually been meal planning fairly regularly, I’ve just been neglecting to put them up on the blog.  But I’m back on the public accountability bandwagon, so here is what we’ll be eating this week.  Two holiday meals, since we cooked up a treat on New Year’s day, and will be celebrating Christmas with my family next weekend. A good amount of leftovers, in the hopes that we’ll have time in the evenings to get a few chores done. And hot dogs, because when we were walking on the beach this weekend, they smelled so good.

Check out my previous meal plans here, or just click on the graphic to the right.


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