Post More: A Challenge

In which I pose a new challenge to my 101-blogging friends.

Welcome to 2012, friends. New year, new blog challenge. I’ve challenged myself, the best friend, and the lovely Katie W. to post more often in the month of January than we have for any single month yet this list. I’m hoping this will help us harness that new year motivation and set the tone for the 101 and our blogs for 2012.

Since I started out this list with a bang last January, I’ll be matching that enthusiasm and posting each day this month. I’ll be trying to hit that balance of working on my list a lot, which should help with the motivation, without burning out on the constant posting, which would have the opposite effect. Planning for this challenge over the past two weeks or so has already gotten me more excited about specific goals than I’ve been in a long time, so I have high hopes for this experiment.