Christmas Craft — Gingerbread House

In which I post the fourth and final weekly craft, part of my monthly missions for December (#32).

The last of my crafts for the month is one that I am super excited about. The hubs and I build and decorate a gingerbread house from a kit most years around Christmas. And I really miss it on the years that we skip it, like last year when our holiday season was very truncated by our move to Virginia Beach. Since we didn’t end up decorating this house until after Christmas, it will probably stay up through the end of January so we get a chance to enjoy it.

I’m extra excited about this year’s house, since my new fancy camera enabled me to document us actually working on it for the first time. (It has a setting where it will take a picture at an interval you set. So I set it to take a picture every 30 seconds for 100 photos, and you can watch the decorations take shape.)

We decided to make a fairly sparse house, letting our frosted shredded wheat roof be the star. All of the candy came in our kit, except for the candy cane tree, which my mother picked up in an after Christmas sale a few years ago. (We don’t eat the house, so old candy is perfectly fair game.)

Just some simple holiday decorations with the tree, some holiday garland made out of cut gumdrops and red candy berries, pinwheel  and gumdrop wreaths and gummy arches along the shredded wheat path.

Here we have the lovely arched window that the hubs iced, more garland, and our multicolored candy Christmas lights. Not bad for a simple gingerbread house.


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  1. I need to do this one year. It looks so fun! And I love how it turned out! That tree is bad ass. I love the lights along the roof and your garland. So pretty!

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