Big Fancy Camera

In which I introduce you to my newest big purchase, a big fancy camera and kit lens (#78).

With the help of a few monetary Christmas gifts, I finally saved enough for the big camera I’ve been coveting for years. I bought the Nikon D5100 with the kit lens yesterday, and I’m already loving it.

I don’t know anything about the more advanced settings yet, but the pictures are pretty awesome in the automatic modes. Here’s a photo of a toy soldier Christmas ornament. I’ve lessened the resolution so that I don’t take up a ton of space on my blog, but you get the idea.

Nice and crisp, right? Now, here’s a portion of that same photo, copied when it was displayed full size:

Same picture, just cropped down to show all the detail that I got. I’m very excited about this. You can even see the hot glue holding his hat pom-pom on!

I have a lot to learn, and I’ve already got my eye on another lens that I hope to buy by the end of the week. I think that this will keep me busy for a long time. It certainly feels like a big treat, and in the end, I’m glad I didn’t cave and buy it earlier with money that wasn’t earmarked for it. Now I can feel good about the large purchase without any guilt.


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