Christmas Craft — Gifts and Wrapping

In which  I talk about my third week of crafting, part of my monthly missions for December (#32).

I have been doing a ton of crafting to get ready for the weekend holidays. But I’ve been working on various gifts and gift wrapping, so I can’t post pictures just yet. I’ll give some more details next week, once everything has made its way to the various family members.

In my last list, I worked on becoming known for my wrapped gifts. I really enjoy putting a little extra effort into things, especially since our gifts tend toward the more modest side of the equation. (And we like it that way, despite the awkward exchange the hubs had with an extravagant coworker this week.) I certainly have the time on my hands to tie a complicated bow instead of a simple one. So, my new tradition continues this year. Always fun to be reminded of what worked with my last 101!