Christmas Craft — Snowflake Star

In which I present the second weekly craft, part of my monthly missions for December (#32).

For the second weekly craft, I attempted to make a snowflake to put at the top of our Christmas tree for a year, where it looks more like a star than a snowflake. I made it out of red felt to add some color to our tree, which has white lights for the first time this year.

I followed this tutorial, so I’m going to skim over the steps here. I downloaded the template for the large snowflake and bought a sheet of stiffened red felt. I cut out one of the squares of the template and used my paper cutter to cut the lines. Then I drew through the cuts onto the felt. My paper cutter couldn’t cut through the felt, so I used an exacto knife on the cutter, using the groove to keep my cuts straight. Then I used hot glue to glue things together as directed in the tutorial.

I made six of these, then started gluing them together, again with hot glue. I just played around with it until it looked right.  Then I glued a pipe cleaner to the back for attaching it to the tree.

I think that it will definitely work for this year, even if I don’t think I love it enough for subsequent years.


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