Angel Tree

In which I post about getting a tag from a giving tree and donating gifts (#57).

Back in the end of November (I’m behind in blogging, guys), I completed getting a tag off of a Salvation Army Angel Tree and donating clothes. We chose a tag for an eleven-year-old boy and had a nice time picking out some jeans, shirts, and a puffy vest for him at Old Navy. We picked up the tag, gifts, and returned everything in one trip to the mall, so it was really convenient.

I  was surprised how early the gift donations had to be received. I’m putting it on our calendar for the last weekend in November for next year so that we don’t miss it with the Thanksgiving rush.

(On a side note, this is the picture that has led me to believe that I need to step things up hair and makeup-wise. I thought I was pretty cute with my scarf, sweater, and pants — otherwise known as my winter uniform. I’ve been pretty confident since I worked so hard to develop a style during my last list, but I think that I can step it up. Right now I’m depending on actually styling my hair up, rather than tossing it up in a rubber band, as seen above, and the combination of eyeliner and lipstick. We’ll see how that goes over the rest of the winter months.)


One thought on “Angel Tree

  1. I’ve never done an Angel Tree or anything, but I probably should…

    Anyway, now that you have your style, I bet the rest will be easier. One step at a time and all that.

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